What colours should you use for your biotech company’s branding?

In this post, I want to dig into biotech branding and some advice on how best to use colour.

Originally included in this article was a comprehensive explaination of colour theory and colour psychology but we’ve since broken that out into it’s own article.

In this article, we discuss:

  1. What is biotechnology?
  2. Bringing colour theory into your biotech branding
  3. A final word

What is biotechnology?

If biotech is a new field to you then it would be useful to start in understanding what it is. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to make some kind of product and it’s a branch of applied life sciences. It’s a fairly new association but biotech as a study goes back thousands of years. Biotechnology isn’t just healthcare and medicines though. It extends much further than that and often referred to as a “rainbow” making the topic of biotech branding and “colour” a bit more tricky. So what are the different types of biotech?

Red biotechnology

Red biotechnology (Biopharma) mainly revolves around pharmaceutical and medicine. Producing vaccines and antibiotics, developing new drugs, molecular diagnostics techniques, regenerative therapies and development of genetic engineering. It utilises organisms to improve health and fight diseases.

Green biotechnology

Green biotechnology is the use of genetically altered plants or animals to produce more environmentally friendly farming solutions as an alternative to existing methods.

Yellow biotechnology

Yellow biotechnology is known as “biotechnology with insects”. It’s a modern agriculture branch related to food production where insects are used for research or application in agriculture and medicine. Yellow completing the primary colour trinity of biotech (Red – Animals, Green – Plants).

White biotechnology/Grey biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology refers to the use of living cells and/or their enzymes to create industrial products. They are more easily degradable, require less energy, create less waste during production and sometimes perform better than products created using traditional chemical processes.

Blue Biotechnology

Blue biotechnology has been assigned to aquaculture, coastal and marine biotech. Blue biotech is more of a field that makes use of marine bioresources as the source of biological applications.

Other colours

Gold – Bioinformatics, computer science
Brown – Biotechnology of dessert and dry regions
Violet – Law, ethics and philosophy
Dark – Bioterrorism, biological warfare

Bringing colour theory into your biotech branding

The importance of colour in your biotech branding cannot be understated. It can be a powerful tool to invoke emotion and behaviours. Having the right strategy for your biotech branding can also attract a certain type of customer and its because of these associations and emotions that we have discussed in this article. The effect colours can have with each other is an important fact to consider so bear this in mind. With this knowledge of colour theory and biotechnology together, we can look into how we can utilise this in your biotech branding, your logo and your marketing efforts.

I think it’s safe to assume cool colours like green, blue and purple are a great option for biotech branding. Maturity, trust, calming and health are all connotations with these colours. As we’ve explained, this is not a hard and fast rule though it is a helpful guide. It’s important to know your brand’s values and your brand promise and work this into your logo or branding. Also, knowing the different areas of biotech, you could use this as a nod to the scientific field of study. It could also be a fun way of accenting the logo.

We believe great biotech branding and brand name revolves around the underlying values and benefits of your product or service. Thinking about colour in the same way and not necessarily using direct associations gives it the flexibility to move with trends. It also commits to a deeper brand story. We go into this more in our article on how to build an awesome tech brand in 2019.

A final word

Realising the importance that brand development can have on your biotech branding is more important than ever. Getting it right may have an impact in determining the success of your product. We work with these types of things in mind and are particularly passionate about revolutionary products that set to enhance peoples lives. Connecting to these customers with consistent brand messaging and appealing to them commercially will inevitably have an impact on the adoption of your product. Looking at other recent acquisitions, a lot of smaller biotech companies are being backed by larger companies in the same field. Seeking a strong brand which appeals to these scenarios is another way to look at the investment of a good brand.

Read our blog on how to build an awesome tech brand if you’re looking for more valuable info!