Our Story

We always get asked “Who is the Giraffe?” and we always answer the same. The Giraffe is the oddball, the daring one. The one who can see higher and further than anyone, beyond the status quo and their periphery and into the unbounded potential of abstract imagination. The Giraffe is the one who believes they can change things. The Giraffe is you.

You always need a crazy one to think the unthinkable, believe the unbelievable and speak the unspeakable. This leaves everyone else in the space dust wondering why they never took the risk. Whether it’s the rocket that gets us there or a seam in the spacesuit of the first visitor, having people on this world who are willing stick their neck out to do whatever it takes to build the technology that inspires the future of humanity are the people we want to work with. So whilst everyone else is focussing on Mars as the next planetary destination, you have your sight firmly set on Jupiter. We’ll help you get there.

This is the story of Jupiter and the Giraffe, waiting to be told.