FreeAgent 10% discount Referral Code – ’48ebvyrs’ 👍

Here at Jupiter and the Giraffe we like to keep things trim. That includes the way we run our business. It’s important that we understand the ins and outs of things before we hand it off. Accountancy was a big one for us as, with technology, this skill that was once an anomaly to the every-person can now be achieved with the right tools. We use FreeAgent. FreeAgent integrates perfectly with our business bank account Revolut (more on that later).

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With FreeAgent (and Revolut), we can assign finances coming in and out of our account as expenses and/or to invoices that we can generate from within the software.

The regular chores that come with owning a company like Corperation Tax, directors tax are part of something called “Tax Timeline” in which I can monitor the dates all these things are due. It of course also helps put them together for us and makes it super simple.

Payroll is also handled from within the software and is a breeze to set up. It will also set up Employment Allowance for us which removes an extra headache.

That’s all we need it for for now, but i’m sure there’s plenty more to it. Check out their website for more information and whether it suits their needs.

All in all it’s a great piece of software and is really cheap! Using our FreeAgent referral code you can get it even cheaper.

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